Balgriffin Cemetery

Balgriffin Cemetery is one of the many cemeteries cared for and looked after by Fingal County council. Having been opened in 1954 the cemetery is still in operation to date.

However, Kelly Cowin Memorials still provide the highest level of stone masonry work to supply the cemetery with new headstones and services. As a company we can still provide headstone and or grave work to any and all graves in the cemetery whether it is a fresh inscription, a new headstone or some renovation work done on the grave. 

 All our headstone prices include the delivery and installation fee and are some of the most affordable headstones in Ireland whilst maintaining our high level of standards. 

We can also say with pride that because of your generosity Kelly Cowin Memorials is the highest rated headstone provider in Ireland and we appreciate every single person who has given up their time to leave us a review. At kelly cowin memorials we pride ourselves on our expertise, professionalism and quality of our work, We specialise in all new headstones, additional inscriptions and all renovation works with over 12 years experience working with all types of different materials such as granite, quarts, limestone, sandstone and marble.


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