Headstone Maintenance: How to Keep Your Memorial Looking New


Hey there! If you're looking to keep your loved one's headstone in pristine condition, you've come to the right place. At Kelly Cowin Memorials, we specialise not only in providing beautiful memorials but also in offering expert headstone cleaning services to ensure these tributes stand the test of time.

Understanding Your Headstone's Material

Different Materials, Different Care

Whether it's granite, marble, or bronze, each headstone material has its unique properties and maintenance needs. For instance, granite is renowned for its durability, whereas marble offers a classic look but may require more delicate care.

Cleaning Techniques for Every Headstone

Regular Cleaning is Crucial

A key to maintaining a headstone's appearance is regular cleaning. For granite, a soft brush and gentle detergent work wonders, while marble needs a lighter touch. Remember, harsh chemicals are a no-go as they can damage these materials.

Nature's Challenges

Natural growths like lichens or moss can be common, especially on older headstones. While they can often be removed with gentle brushing, some cases might need more care.

When It's Time for Professional Help

Our Expert Cleaning Services

When DIY methods aren’t enough, especially for significant staining or damage, it’s time to seek professional help. Our headstone cleaning service is equipped with the right tools and expertise to restore your memorial's beauty without causing further damage.

Long-Term Maintenance and Protection

Consistent Care for Lasting Memories

Regular check-ups are vital for early detection of potential issues like cracks or chips. It’s much easier to manage small problems before they escalate.

Adapting to the Seasons

Seasonal changes can impact headstone materials. Implementing a seasonal maintenance routine can prevent many common issues caused by weather extremes.

Additional Protective Measures

Enhancing Durability with Protective Treatments

We recommend considering protective treatments for an additional layer of defense against the elements. Ensure these are compatible with your headstone material for the best results.

Adhering to Cemetery Guidelines

Respecting Regulations

Always be mindful of the cemetery's regulations regarding headstone maintenance and cleaning. This respect ensures that your maintenance efforts are both effective and compliant.


Proper headstone maintenance is more than preserving a monument; it's a tribute to your loved one's memory. With regular care, and occasional help from our headstone cleaning professionals, you can keep the memorial looking as new as the day it was placed. Remember, we're here to support you in every step of this journey, ensuring that your tribute to your loved one remains a beautiful symbol of their life and legacy. 

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