What Services Do We Provide?

At Kelly Cowin Memorials we offer all available grave services to our customers. Listed below are all our available services. If something you require is not listed below you can contact us, and we'll inform you on the services availability. 

  • Stone Cutting
  • Headstone inscriptions
  • Headstone engravings
  • Headstone installations
  • Headstone delivery.
  • Renovations

All the products listed on our website are available for purchase and are fully customisable.

Our headstones start as low at €899 making us one of the most affordable headstone providers in Ireland, headstone prices include the inscription fee however a cemetery fee is required to be paid by the majority of cemeteries in Dublin.

For new inscriptions and engravings, we charge €4 per letter we will remove the original headstone and take it back to our workspace to provide the new inscription, we then re-install it ourselves. We can also provide new inscriptions on plaques, slates and any other pieces.

No renovations are too big or too small for our team, the price of a renovation truly varies depending on the size of the job and the location of the grave. Services that can be provided or may take place include the following:

We can replace any existing stone surround or kerbing with new granite surrounds whilst leaving the original headstone alone. Colour matching will be provided for all new surrounds to ensure it matches the original headstone or it can be changed to suit your own needs.

If a grave is suffering with cracks or damage, we can provide and lay new concrete to either the foundations, base or top of the grave. We can also replace the chippings to allow the grave to appear fresher and remove any major weeding. Work can be provided on plinths and bases or any part of the grave, we can also re-paint or re-inscribe current headstones.

Headstone delivery is provided in the originally price of the headstone as is any installation fees however cemetery fees are charged separately. We can provide delivery and installation to all cemeteries across Dublin. 

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